Infinix X620B QCN+EFS

Infinix X620B QCN+EFS

  • File Name: Infinix QCN+EFS
  • Use: For Fixing Unknown Baseband
  • Password: Yes
  • Amount: $6
  • Files include detailed instruction to write


Using UMT QC Fire Tool

  • Open Umt Qc Fire Software
  • Go to Read Tools
  • Enable Diagnostics mode on your device, look up information on google on how to enable diag mode, which requires rooting, in most cases.
  • Once Diag Mode is enabled, connect to PC and click Back Up at the Read Tools Section
XIAOMI A2 Lite Qcn

Give it a while, you will be informed by the software that your device’s Qcn has been saved, with a location displayed at the logs, so can copy it out and have it renamed and saved for re-use.

Instructions To Write Qcn Using Any Qualcomm Supported Box

  • Open UMT QC Fire Software
  • Go to Read Tools
  • EnabLe Diag mode and connect to PC
  • Click on Restore QCN, go to where you saved the qcn file you downloaded from this page and open
  • Give it a while, once software successfully writes QCN, you will be informed