How To Use SM-G965F U9 Eng Efs

How To Use SM-G965F U9 Eng Efs?

  1. Download Latest Official Odin3 Tool
  2. Open AP, choose SM-G965FD U1 Eng Efs file download from support
  3. Boot Device to Download Mode and connect
  4. Press Start
  5. Once flashed, boot to recovery to confirm that the “e failed to mount /efs (invalid argument)” error has disappeared in recovery.
  6. Flash stock firmware or Factory Reset device. Setup device and enjoy!
  • File Name: SM-G965F U9 Eng Efs
  • Alternative Name: G965F U9 Eng Efs
  • Purpose: Remove payjoy rent a center fix mount
  • Price: $15
After payment, click Return To Merchant to be redirected to Telegrams for file link.